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Since 2002, more than 2700 NSD's and Sales Directors have hired UnitNews,
the #1 choice for creating Monthly Newsletters to communicate with their Unit/Area!
"In all my years, I never missed ONE month of sending a newsletter!  When I "found" UnitNews in 2002, I was SOOOO excited!  I have referred all of my NSD friends and every Sales Director I know to get this service!  Get it done, and get it to your Unit!  You will be so glad you did!
JB, NSD Emeritus, Texas
Generous Referral Policy:
For every client you send to us that signs up...
you receive $10 credit towards your next newsletter!  NO LIMITS!

Multiple Template Design Choices:
For Basic and Cadillac Newsletters,
you choose the Template Design which best fits your style and personality!

Full-Service Printing & Mailing Available:
Your final monthly Newsletter is emailed
to you as a PDF file, which you can email,
upload to a website, or print/mail to your Unit.

Need Printing & Mailing?  
We recommend 
www.SuperStaff.biz for full-service printing and mailing services.

GO HERE: for Pricing Options and email Newsletters@SuperStaff.biz for more info.
"LOVE THE NEW DESIGN OF THIS NEWSLETTER!!  This is AWESOME!  It is such a refreshing look. I cannot wait to mail it out to the Unit!"
LF, Sales Director, Michigan